Business ethics have a significant influence on the corporate world: not only changes the way that companies operate every day, it also influences on the legislation on corporate regulations. This means that working with business ethics ensure that a certain basic level of trust exists between consumers, workers and various forms of market participants.

Find out in this new post what business ethics is, why it matters and why we chose to be ethic.

There’s hundreds of ways to be ethically responsible in your company, and today we’re going to discover few of them.

INTEGRITY. Achieving reliability generally means being transparent and honest in all actions and communications. Being trustworthy will always have a positive impact both internally and externally. So, there’s an ethic conscious thinking behind all content we show you in our social network, not just because we’re proud of what we’re doing, of how we’re working and who we’re working with, also because we think that ethics means this: explain to you which materials we use and why, why we choose Bali, why we choose sustainability, how we work so you can understand we’re completely transparent in our work place, with all our pieces and all the workers, employees and people involved in LIMA.

Soon you will see an amazing video with all the people who is behind our brand. 

RESPECT. Showing respect for employees and costumers means keeping all promises and offering sincere apologies and adequate compensation if something is not kept. Showing a lack of respect will deter costumers from engaging in a business and reduce your reputation. Respect is one of the qualities and values that LIMA will keep always, not just for the workers or costumers, also for our planet earth. Being respectful with it will also increase our level of trust. We think that there’s a huge responsibility in being respectful for all parties involved in our brand: costumers, workers, people involved in LIMA, our materials, the earth and us.

JUSTICE. Treating costumers and employees with a sense of fairness and justice is a key type of ethic. Manipulative behaviors are not only unethical, they are also unhelpful and we have to keep in mind that the top priority of any business should be to be helpful to everyone. It’s also very important to treat all people equally, no matter what. Justice also means to us speaking politely to and about others. That’s also a big part of our job: maintaining a positive attitude toward the company in both professional and personal interactions.  

Business, at the end of the day, are made up of human being: there are human beings who consume goods or services of the company and then there are human beings who work to produce those goods or services. Being open to your struggles and having solutions will show empathy, a value tool to any business. All solutions and ideas  for our business have to be also, in our opinion as  ecological and sustainable as possible, to keep all these keys and being ethical and responsible.