10 questions to ask when contacting a garment manufacturer for the first time


In today’s blog we have made a compilation of FAQ people come up with regarding our manufacturing and consulting process,as it is a new service we offer in Lima Apparel. We will make our best to turn your idea into a collection  but there are some considerations we need to take into account before getting into the tailoring service itself.

Regarding  number of units and fabrics...

1.Which is the MOQ?

Our MOQ depends on the fabric picked up. Normally we ask for 100 pcs on a normal MOQ fabric option (this includes: organic cotton, bamboo, linen,…). For fabrics that are quite expensive or hard to find, we ask for MOQ 300 pcs. As we are an slow fashion brand we do not have massive tailoring worshops, however we need a minimun batching to ensure the manufacturing and sales margins to our local staff.

2.Which types of fabrics do you work with?

We love working with sustainable and organic fabrics, natural or recycled, but we’re able to find mostly any kind of materials available here in Indonesia.

Here you can find a list of our preferred options:

  • Bamboo (elastic or non-elastic)
  • Organic cotton
  • Linen
  • VITA (eco-nylon)
  • Eco-Olympus (eco-polyester)
  • Up-cycled rayon
  • Rayon
  • Modal
  • Tencel
  • And other sustainable options
We are always open to hear all your proposals and opinions of your preferred fabrics and materials and we will try our best to find them.

3.Do you work with non-sustainable fabrics?

We always prefer to work with sustainable, recycled and eco materials. Even so, if your first option is not sustainable, we will always give you an option B, with sustainable materials that will be the closest to the idea you had previously. We have many fabrics that can fit perfectly with unsustainable options. If we don’t convince you with our options, we are always willing to work with non-sustainable fabrics, but we will never lose our company and team ethics, so don’t worry, because even if the materials are not 100% sustainable, we will always work with ethics and justice and with totally sustainable methods.

Design and production steps... 

4.How does your design and production process work?

Oh, this is the most asked question of all times. First of all, once we receive your proposal, we study it and we answer you asking for a meeting or a call with you (and your team), so we would know more about your idea. If you’re not able to have a meeting/call with us, we will do everything via e-mail or WhatsApp.

Anna and Txell, Co-founders and team headers of Lima Apparel, will answer all your first questions and will ask you many more to know exactly what is in your mind and how can we help you.

We use to ask you if you already have Spec Techs or Tech Packs (if not, we can provide them, as Txell is a fashion designer), if you already made your designs, if you already chose styles, colors and materials you want to use, which is your ideal MOQ,…

After agreeing all of these things mentioned above and agreeing the price, we will start the sampling process, if you don’t need the design or consulting process. It usually take around 10 to 20 days for our team to make all samples, depending on how many models you want, and the shipping depends on where you live. If you need design or consulting, we usually do it whitin  3-7 days, always depending on how many models you want.

Once samples are approved by you, we will start the production process. This one takes around 20-30 days, for MOQ 100pcs. After finishing everything, again, as the sample process, shipping will depend on where you live.

For sample payments, we ask 100% upfront, but for production process we ask 50% before starting the process and 50% before the shipping.

5.Which printing methods are used?

We have few stamping methods available.

The list is this:

  • Manual screen printing
  • Digital laser
  • Embroidery
  • Batik

Isn't your option on the list? Tell us which one you were thinking about and we will look for your option.

Consulting and customer service...

6.How does the consulting process work?

We believe that we are one of the few manufacturer companies that offer this type of service.

We have Anna and Txell, experts in marketing and design respectively, who can guide you and design your pieces if you have never worked in the world of fashion but you want to create your own brand. Both are specialists in their field, and after answering a few questions about style and design ideas, they will prepare a very extensive document where you will find your brand strategy, with all the designs drawn and with the technical specifications necessary to start with your brand. Ask us for our consulting prices!

7.Is the shipping included?

No, it is not included. But we will always give you all the options so that you can choose the one that best suits you. We have special prices for Australian, Indonesian and New Zealander clients.

8.Is the labeling included?

No, it is not included either. But we have the best options and prices on the island, always thinking about sustainability and local work. Even, depending on the fabrics you choose, we can adapt the perfect price for you, and we will include it in the invoice of your pieces.

9.How long it will take to design and produce 100 pcs? And 300 or more pieces?

For 100-piece design and production, it usually take 30-40 days, depending on the fabrics, models, and services you order.

For 300 pieces, it usually take 40-50 days. And for orders over 300 pieces, we usually take 60-90 days.

tejedora, Andrea de Santis Unsplash

 And last but not least...

10.Can we do calls and meetings with you?

We love talking with you! We always ask to make at least one meeting or one call with you. The more times we can talk, the better! We will always have the clearest information, both us and you. And we think that being able to know who you are working with always causes an enormous peace of mind for everyone. So, never hesitate to ask for a meeting with us!

If you want to find out further information regarding our garment manufacturing & wholesale services in Bali, contact us here or drop us an email to 

We are always happy to help!