The process of creating any collection in LIMA is a process of that takes time and discussions with the entire team that can take weeks and months. But generally, if not always, it is a sweet, artistic and creative process that we love.



Today we will tell you which are the steps we follow when it’s time to create our collections.

As you can well imagine, we are a brand with different teams: the marketing and strategy team, headed by Anna, the design and production team, headed by Txell, but in which the person who helps us the most is Ayuh, our trusted seamstress and head of the workshop we work with. And our digital team, with Alicia and Marta, who help us make all our ideas go forward by creating dreamy campaigns and the perfect SEO.

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Defined the teams, the fun begins!

About twice a year, Anna and Txell sit down and have one of the most important meetings within the company:  the biannual business plan, which can last for hours and hours.

Once this is defined, and knowing the release dates of our collections, Txell focuses on studying and creating. We study constantly: trends, colors, patterns and styles that may come are investigated.

From here, about 5-6 months before the launch of the collection, we create the sketches.

Once they’re prepared, we put them together with all the teams, and a democratic vote begins, in which the models that will come to light are decided. This decisions are always led by the opinions of Anna and Txell, although we highly respect the opinions of all parts of the team. Our team members help us a lot to see the problems that could be caused by garments that are not easy to sew or sell.

Having this decided, we start with the technical sheets, the Spec Techs, directed and created by Txell, but modified and guided by Ayuh, who is always right when it comes to sewing, she has been working on this sector for many years and knows perfectly well that there are things that usually work out better when you don't follow the rules.

After this, the colors, materials and accessories that will carry each piece are decided. We always look at the detail that the fabrics are ecological, sustainable and of maximum proximity. Once decided (again as a team!), the first tests are made. We love this part, because we can see what we have created and we can try it on!

Made the samples, and tested, marketing team and digital team are in charge of making the descriptions, the texts, the sales strategies and see if it can be positioned well within the market or not. If we see that there are mistakes in these procedures, we make the necessary adjustments in the samples until we get a piece according to what we think is PERFECT in every way.

Once all this procedure is finished, it’s time for the funniest part!

There’s always a big question asked: Txell, what have you been inspired by?, and based on her answer, a campaign is carried out: the photoshoot, the catalogs, the texts, the digital strategy, EVERYTHING. We make a world out of all this ideas, because in the creation process, everything is valid and any proposal from any of the teams is a plus point in creating a collection.

When this is all over, we launch the campaign, and we start over again! It’s time for the next collection to be prepared!

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