What is more important, the production process or the creation process? In terms of artistic minds, absolutely, the creation process is the most important, because without an initial idea, the desired models could not be produced. But if it weren't for the production process, creation would not exist.
Therefore, one cannot live without the other, they always go together and are as important to each other.

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The production of the pieces starts from a very meticulous process in which everything is taken care in detail.
First things first, after our collection is created, approved by the majority of our team and samples are made, the cool part begins:
Spoiler, it’s a long and hard work process!!

We balance the timings with Ayuh, our head seamstress. We discuss the processes after having the patterns done and we see which pieces are more complex, to keep in mind that we would need more time to cut and sew them.
From here on, we talk to all fabric suppliers we have and we ask them if they can assure us the fabric continuity in long term conditions. If this is not the case, we have to look for alternatives that can be adjusted to Lima parameters, complying with all our rules of ethics, sustainability, ecology and local products.
When all this is ready, we wait for the orders. Yes, you read it well, we wait for every order to be made. Each piece is created uniquely for the order in question. We never overproduce, we don't want to leave behind unnecessary waste for our planet. That is why our production processes are slower, but we have one thing very clear: we will not leave behind any waste, we will continue working as before, as our beloved handcrafters did, and we will obtain pieces that have a much higher sentimental and human value than if we overproduced our collections. So, knowing this, we know that the production process is not only important for the good execution of the pieces, but it is also very important to continue being sustainable and ethical.

In all cases of production terms, we ask Ayuh for advice, so that, apart from producing the pieces, we can take advantage and recycle as much fabric as possible, or at least try to avoid residues. That is why, within the accessories section you will find a recycled range of scrunchies, bandanas and handkerchiefs, which they are never the same, because they’re created and made from the leftovers of other pieces!

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