In Lima we work with a multicultural team made up mostly of women from Spain and Indonesia.

Txell and Anna, we are the founders and creators of the project. We live between Bali and Barcelona, ​​always close to the sea and a natural environment that feels like home and gives us new inspiration day by day.

Txell comes from the world of fashion design. She creates and thinks of each new piece, together with the production team, so that the piece is comfortable and wearable in all types of bodies and shapes. She is artistic and creative.

Anna comes from the world of advertising. She leads the sales and communication team always with positivity and passion. She is always willing to improve our business and listen to the opinion of the teams that involve and are part of the project. 

Our team of seamstresses, you can find them in Bali. With Ayuh at the helm, our designs are unique and detailed pieces, handmade with great care and dedication.

Our digital team is in Spain, with the help of Marta and Alicia, we create campaigns designed for women, created for women and giving the importance that ethical, sustainability and professional work deserves. 


Each and every one of them is a fundamental part of this project, without them, we would not be where we are and we appreciate their support and dedication every day.