Today we decided to write a blog more focused on the world of fashion, as our designer is also an amazing stylist and she gave us few tips on how to wear one of our most versatile basics: Sa Conca top.


This top is very trendy. Made of linen and organic cotton, zipped on the side, asymmetrical with a single strap and with a crop top style, it is designed to be worn in many different ways and today we will give you 3 tips on how we would combine it.

  1. With wide leg jeans

As you may know, wide linen jeans, boho style, are back in trend, and we really love it! Sa Conca top, combined with them, gives to your look a very amusing way to wear it. High or low tide, is an ideal look to wear during the day, with high heels, platforms or even a very sporty shoe: you will look very trendy and with a unique cosmopolitan style. This linen top is a very summery piece, and with its more classic material, if we combine it with a more casual jeans will give to your look a more bearable appearance for any time of the day. Combine it with a handbag or a small short chain bag with bright colors to break with neutral colors. Show us your look!


  1. With a flared skirt

Skirt lovers! Here is our proposal for a more fun and fresh look. The Sa Conca top gives us a giant versatility to be able to wear it with flared skirts. It is a white and asymmetrical top and it turns to a piece that can be perfectly combined with any type of skirt. We know that short flared skirts are back in trend, and we want to take advantage of this trend to be able to match our top. With a pair of sporty shoes, a flat sandal or high platforms, it is a very groundbreaking look that will not leave anyone indifferent. Combine it with a brightly colored short-sleeved bag to complete the perfect look!

Even we know that short skirts are very much in trend, we also believe that with a midi or long flared skirt could be an ideal look for more formal occasions. With pleated or side-opening skirts, this will give you a more casual look! Play with prints (we suggest batik prints or animal prints) and wear a white sporty shoe for the perfect summer look. Tip: Match your shoes and a small handbag for an awesome classic look. What do you think of the most naive proposal?

  1. With slim fit white skirt

The most Ibizan look of all times, but also the sweetest and the perfect total look for any occasion: day, night, to go to the beach, to go to have dinner, to have a drink, for a date night or for a day with friends. Combine Sa Conca top with a short white skirt (we have one, it is called Gili Meno, it is also made of linen, and is ideal for a total look: material and color). Wear this look with a nude, cream or camel-colored shoe, from a suede booty to flat sandals, even heels with these colors. Put on a colorful kimono and a big short-sleeved bag to make the look ideal, even for a festival! We want to wear it to Coachella! Which is your favorite festival?