As a fashion stylist, I love creating outfits! I would spend all day trying new combinations, making special and everyday looks for everyone ... it is my passion, and it has been my whole life! So today I bring you a blog on how to make 4 total looks with our resort wear collection. An innovative and classic collection, completely sustainable and adaptable to many situations!

Here we go:

  1. THE “I’M A SAVAGE YEAH, CLASSY, BOUGIE” STYLE : Blazer and pleated pants

The perfect outfit for a classy night out, dinner and drinks in a fancy club. With our CAP ROIG pleated trousers, high waisted and semi-baggy, combined with our CADAQUÉS white linen blazer, buttoned with a big button in the center of it, you will be the envy of everyone. All eyes will be on you. Nothing underneath, just the blazer and pants. Not feeling so daring? No worries, this is another option: Put on a white lace bra under your blazer, you can keep the blazer buttoned or unbuttoned, that’s up to you. Combine these look with a pair of high heels, with a striking color, hair tied up with a low bun or a low ponytail! "I'm a savage, yeah, classy, bougie, ratchet, yeah, sassy, moody, nasty..." 

  1. THE “GRUNGE PRINCESS” STYLE: Asymmetrical linen top and pleated pants

Oh yeah, fav look ever. Grunge summer princess style, all in white but with this tough and glam touch that makes this look the perfect outfit to show your roughest and most trendy side. For the top, we present (sound of drums ...) our SA CONCA asymmetric linen top, fastened with a zipper on the side, with pleats in the front. And the bottom part (again the sound of drums, please), our CAP ROIG pleated pants, high waisted with semi-baggy style. Combine this look with a military-style ankle boot, in black or khaki green and a giant suede bag in any color (camel, beige, green or black would be the best), loose and well-combed hair, straight or curly, with waves, but loose, keep it loose. And take the streets to show your style! Any rider in the room?

  1. THE “I HAVE A PARTY AFTER THE BEACH” STYLE: Organic cotton tank top, bikini top, linen white skirt and kimono

Maybe this look came to my mind because we live in an island? Yes, I think that’s the reason why. But, I bet you have lots of beach days that can end up in a party near the beach and you don’t have enough time to go home, take a shower, pick a look, and blah blah blah… right? Ok, so here’s my perfect option to go to the beach, have a great sunny day and after go to a party without looking too salty. Put on a bikini of any color! We have some really cute options by clicking here. I have imagined this look with the triangular top and bottom in khaki green that Lima has in her Resort wear collection. We also have a spectacular tank top, called LA FOSCA, which is both used for going to the beach and for after parties. It's made of organic cotton, with thin, seamless straps. Wear both, bikini and tank top, for the party and you will give your look a fresher and more casual look. It matches at the bottom with our white linen skirt (I know it's from our previous collection, but I love the way this skirt looks on this look, so I couldn't miss the occasion). Being a mini skirt with a cut on the side and buttoned with coconut buttons, it gives the look a more party touch than pants. I have also thought that if you put a kimono over it, you end up having an ideal beach party look. And since you are going to a party after the beach, the best is to combine the whole look with a large beach bag, where you can fit the towel, the creams and everything you have taken, oh! And sandals with bows. What do you think of the outfit idea?

  1. THE “I HAVE A DATE, BUT I DON’T WANT TO LOOK TOO FANCY” STYLE: Bandana as a top and pleated pants

I love dating! Meeting new people, dress according to the date, chatting with people, listening to their stories... it’s amazing how many interesting stories you can hear from anyone! So, I have thought of a look for a date in which you want to dress up a bit but you don't want to look too fancy. In this case, we have bandanas in two different sizes, which I love to use them as tops! You just have to fold it in half forming a triangle with the outer point a little longer than the inner point, tie it behind your back and voila! You have a really cool sleeveless top! I love the one in pink colors since they favor all skin types and hair colors. Combine this top with our CAP ROIG pleated pants, which, being made of linen, high-waisted and with a semi-baggy style, they give your look a slightly more casual touch rather than if you were wearing a skirt. For the ideal look for a date of this style, I love to combine linen pants with white sneakers, which give a youthful and very trendy touch to the whole look. Put on some big earrings, comb your hair back, but loose (a little hairspray or gel always helps, babe!), add some lipstick, a small bag with a short strap (if it is neon, better!) and you'll have the perfect look for your date! Show us yours! We love to see your outfit ideas!