It’s a summer afternoon, around 5 pm. The heat of the day has gone down, but the weather still has that nice summery feeling, and a warm but suting breeze travels through your skin, giving you that sensation you only get when you are truly feeling good. 

The view goes along with that feeling. Over the sea, close to the beach, several white boats dance at the rhythm of the tides. On the coast, some people calmly walk across the piers and walkways. Behind them, pines and olive trees give the scene a strong green beauty. 


And then it comes the sounds, the sea and the waves mixing with the sound of a couple seagulls that fly right above the blue skyline. All that, joined by the voices of people getting together to enjoy some after beach time, giving the entire scene a festive atmosphere, because what better thing to celebrate, than a beautiful Mediterranean summer. 

All this is where the inspiration for our new Costa Brava Capsule Collection comes from. La Costa Brava, is one of the many gems of the Mediterranean, the place where we were borned, the place where we learned to love the beach, and the place where we started connecting with nature. 

 costa brava capsule collection

Our new collection is a sintesis of all those feelings, a compilation of fun young summers, of beautiful memories, but also a homage to the Mediterranean, a place where humanity and nature have cohabited for a long time, as we will like our brand to do so.  

That’s why this Resort Wear line is still as eco-conscious as sustainable as our other collections. Working with specially selected material as 100% organic cotton, 100% sustainable linen and VITA, 100% recycled nylon. And also, we are adding some upcycled pieces, helping our supplier reduce waste and increasing our commitment with the environment. 

 Resort Wear Costa Brava Capsule Collection

We are delighted to present to you this very personal and emotional collection to us, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the little towns that hosted us so many of our summers. 

Discover the  summer finesse of our collection here: