Today we want to talk about a topic that we believe is one of our main and strongest points that encouraged us to start LIMA: women.

As we live in an age of changes, we wanted to get inspired by female change makers and be an inspiration to other women. For this, our workout pieces are called after an inspiring woman to us, from friends to family and also international female change makers from around the world. From Frida Kahlo, Emma Watson, Michelle Obama or Coco Chanel to our closest and inspiring friends and family, we wanted them to be part of our project.


As women living in a patriarchal world, we thought it would be great to give us a hand and start little by little to help each other, to start the change from the very bottom. We’re strong, we’re powerful, we’re capable and we will not allow them to step on us, we will not lower our heads anymore. We’re so proud of us. We hate to say this in the middle of 21st century but, because we think there’s a problem in our society just because two young women are still saying this, here it goes: we will fight for our rights as women, we want to live in a world where we can be respected in all aspects of our lives, we want to be free, we want to feel safe and not to fight for this anymore. Our premise is that our daughters will not have to fight for what we are fighting for. Therefore, we want to make a call to all women in the world to stand up and make themselves heard.



Also, we think there’s many stories which we don’t know much about and we want them to be heard, so we’re going to post here and in our Instagram all about those female change makers and their stories. From now on, we’re going to name after women, at least, one of our yearly collections. 

To the strongest women surrounding us, THANK YOU. You were, you are and you will always be our inspiration.