water saving in fashion


The Water World Day on 22nd March is approaching, but we shall bear in mind that it is the Water World Day everyday. Remember, water has a precious value, one that we cannot take for granted. 

As an eco-conscious brand, we want to reflect on the banal use of water that has been established as a habit in our daily lives. Did you know that a conventional washing machine uses up to 30 gallons of water per load? Or that fast fashion manufacturing is responsible for 20% of industrial water pollution

But, let’s shed light on this problem! 

As slow fashion advocates, we want to help you out on what you, and everyone of us, can do to reduce our laundry water waste and pick wisely our clothes’ materials.

These are all our tips and tricks to reduce water consumption while doing your laundry and shopping:

  1. Load your washing machine

     Seems obvious but makes the difference! 
  2. Not washing as often

    The less you overclean your clothes, the more they’ll last. So if you’ve worn your clothes once or a few times but they still don’t need cleaning, hang them out, spray some water or essential oil if wanted, and let them breathe! 
  3. Optimize waste while showering

    Take small pieces of clothing with you and maximize the profitability of your shower’s water.
  4. Scrub stains before washing your clothes

    Doing so, you will avoid washing them more than once. That is, less water and time spent!
  5. Don’t use your dryer!

    Might seem contradictory, but do you know that your dryer uses a lot of water? Instead 
    1. Hang your pieces to dry them out!
    2. Dry faster with wool balls. Check out our related post “10 Eco clothing care tips Grandma`s edition"
  6. Substitute your detergent

    Use a non-toxic laundry detergent to reduce water contamination (and your clothes’!)
  7. Invest in low-impact fabrics

     Yep, recycled materials are that amazing that they also reduce fashion’s water footprint. This is the ultimate guide!
    1. Organic cotton -  requires 91% less water than conventional cotton.
    2. Linen - a linen shirt only requires 6.4 liters of water (while cotton requires 26!)
    3. Bamboo - as a fast-growing grass, it doesn’t require large amounts of water as cotton does.
    4. Econyl -  in comparison to traditional nylon, this new version perfect for swimwear is created with a closed-loop system, which requires less amount of water (Plus, it cleans our oceans!) 

Blue sustainable econyl bikini set

We believe small actions can have big repercussions. It’s your decision now to take the next steps! Remember, water is a vital commodity for human life, as it is too for the Earth as we know it. Don’t take it for granted. Neither today, nor tomorrow.

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