Bali is our place of inspiration. It is known as the island of gods because rice is grown with water that once flowed through a temple. Each and every hinduist home in the island is adorned with small temples and usually, a large temple within the property that's used daily for prayers. 

The omnipresence of Balinese Hinduism in everyday life and in Balinese architecture is why the island earned the nickname of Island of the Gods. Not only this but the energy that flows through its streets, forests, ricefields and beaches is felt by hundreds and thousands of people every year. People like Txell and myself, Anna, have felt the presence of good energies and good vibes in the place.

Bali was the island where we first met, curiously, being both of us from two towns of Spain that are only 10 min apart. Believe or not in destiny, we believed this island brought us together to do something important, something helpful for this world.

That is why Lima started. Two entrepreneurs with very different backgrounds came across with a brand that could cultivate the mind, through feeling ethical and sustainable by wearing slow fashion clothes, and the body, feeling comfortable, empowered and beautiful with every handmade piece.