Today’s blog is one of the best we will post, I think. Today we will explain  how to take care of your clothes, no matter the material, to make them more durable and being at the same time more ethical and eco- conscious with the environment.

Did you know that the 25% of being ethical and sustainable with our clothes came from how we wash and treat them? Amazing, huh? There’s plenty of tips that will extend the life of our pieces between one and two years, and with that we reduce the fast fashion consumerism. So today we will explain you some of them so you can wash, dry and store better your favourite pieces. 

  • Wash less often! We have always been told that clothes should be washed after every time you use them. This, aside from being unnecessary, is one of the things that most damages clothing. If we haven't gone to sports, sweated a lot or got very dirty, it's best to hang the clothes with a hanger and let it air out.
  • Wash on low hit as much as possible. High temperatures can shrink natural fabrics and it could cause natural dyes. Also, by washing the clothes on low hit, you can save half of the energy that we use to use.


  • Hand-wash silk, ramie and chiffon. They’re the most delicate fabrics in the world, and for that, they need special treatments.
  • Wash your clothes inside out, it will help preserving their color! For an extra protection of your most delicate clothes, put them in a lingerie bag and wash them like this.

  • It is convenient to wash the organic clothes you have with cold water or delicate program on your washing machine, so they will not lose their softness.
  • Linen should always be washed by hand, avoiding high temperatures. Even if it is mixed with other fibers it tends naturally to wrinkle.

  • Hang more your pieces, as much as possible! It is the best and ecological way to dry them. Shirts, dresses, skirts… try to avoid the dryer as much as you can, you will save a lot of energy and it takes just few more time to dry your clothes naturally with the fresh air. Also, if you put them in the right position you won’t need to iron them!
  • We suppose you have white clothes, right? Did you ever try to dry them in direct sunlight? It can help brighten them. Trick: put them few hours, not too many. The sunlight on dyed colors could damage it if you left the clothes for too long, most on natural dyes! But if you calculate the time your clothes will shine more than ever.

  • Empty your pockets and close zippers and other fasteners when you wash your clothes. First ones can make a mess with your clothes by dying them if you had a tissue inside your pocket. Second ones can tear and make holes to your favourite clothes, so be careful!
  • There’s a “grandmas” tip: Whenever you go to the shower, bring half dirty clothes with you. Hang them in a hanger close to the steam. After your template – hot shower, hang the clothes in a dark and dry place. They will be again clean and without any wrinkle.

Today we gave you 10 amazing tips… but we have more to show you. So, in a few weeks we will release 10 more!