We are an ethically made resort, active and swim wear company, which uses non toxic fabric dyes and organic textiles to move away from fast fashion. We are very careful in all our production processes so that we are as less pollutant as possible and as more positively impactful as possible in our community and to the world.

Our materials are: 

Recycled: we use ECONYL, a material created from recycled nylon found from discarded fishing nets, a regenerated nylon that turns waste problems into fashion and interior solutions.

Organic: such as organic cotton. Choosing non toxic chemicals and disposing of herbicides, pesticides, and cleaning products properly, helps to have less waste into our oceans and its environments.

Biodegradable: such as linen and bamboo. Two resistant materials that take care of the ocean by conserving the water. Using less water means the excess runoff and wastewater will not flow into the ocean.

Natural. such as coconut for our buttons. Made by artisans and with no toxic procedures, 100% coconut.



We also collaborate with donations to the R.O.L.E foundation and it’s 0 waste center


The ZeroWaste Training they develop consists in training local people or company staff to become a Zero Waste Specialist with knowledge about waste management, permaculture, composting and other zero waste practices.

The aim is to have every type of waste become more valuable and less waste sent to the landfill and the oceans. Company staff can apply the knowledge in their office, and individuals can apply their gained knowledge into their household practices, or share it with community members to improve their environment’s sustainability.