LIMA was born in Bali, during the covid19 pandemic, to reflect the mindset of Anna and Txell, two mediterranan women eager to change the world with a clear premise: create a brand that promotes body and mind cultivation through casual and sustainable sports-oriented apparel.

In LIMA we work from our souls developing a sustainable project, based on natural and recycled materials so that you have the opportunity to wear clothing you can be proud to stand behind. Made of materials such as bamboo, a less polluting and more environmentally friendly material than cotton. As a fast-growing grass, it does not require fertilisers and it self-regenerates from its own roots. Or linen, a sustainable material that requires small amounts of water to be grown and it has a long life usage. 


We are also part of a local community, working hand in hand with fine tailors and eco-friendly factories in Bali, LIMA aims to push past the normalcy of fast-fashion brands

Our mission is to empower every woman with our natural and sustainable designs, so everyone can be part of this positive movement that we believe in.

That’s how LIMA was born, and that’s why we created it. A feminine, vital, fashionable and sustainable company for all kinds of women who share our passionate mindset.