I bet many of you have thought that style and sustainability have nothing to do with each other and that they have nothing in common, right? I thought so too, but after a long research for LIMA collections, I realised that’s not true, at all. I will give you my reasons, maybe you will change your mind at the end of this blog.

Today I will share my story about my sustainable stylish research, my design passion and my goals for the brand.

Ok, it all starts when Anna and me had the brilliant idea to start a sustainable sports-orientated and daily clothing brand. Many ideas came to us, many thoughts about how many brands in the world are trying to be sustainable and in which ways they’re doing that. Once we started the business plan and we started to know about sustainable materials, my first (and maybe the biggest) fear as a designer came through my mind. Until that day I thought that sustainability has nothing to do with fashion. My biggest question was “How can I design something that is trendy and sustainable, something that is ethical and stylish if there’s no colors, no patterns, no dying that can be sustainable?” How wrong I was!

So far I had only seen brands focused on sober people, which is also very much tied to sustainability, of course. But I had never scratched until I found brands that achieved what I wanted for our brand: sustainability and style.

We found suppliers who could help us with the whole issue of natural and sustainable colours and patterns, with non-toxic dyes.

And here comes where I have to be infinitely grateful for the human work of our design, print and color teams. We ended up having very stylish pieces that are sustainable and ethical, pieces that have very trendy cuts and shapes, with very vivid and colourful prints that are very fashionable. So we’ve achieved what big brands have achieved as well, and we think it’s not that hard to achieve. Style and sustainability, it is a fact. If you are looking for the way, you will always find the right path to reach your goal.