Econyl: It is really a sustainable fabric?

ECONYL®, also known as VITA, is and and eco-friendly alternative to conventional nylon. That is why is one of our favorite fabrics and one of the most relevant textiles used in sustainable swimwear. And now, you may be wondering ... what exactly is VITA?

On today's blog we will share with you all information about:

  • What is VITA /Econyl and what is made of
  • Why it is a sustainable alternative to conventional nylon, widely used in beachwear and activewear
  • How you can find a sustainable swimsuit

What is Econyl material?

Econyl or VITA is, basically, regenerate nylon. That's right, just that. Wonderful, isn't it? And that’s why, after studying all the possibilities in terms of fabrics, we decided to create our swimwear collection with this one, that we found to be the most eco-friendly, the most careful and the one that generates the least waste in the environment. 

We love how ECONYL® describes this fabric:

Our appetite to create new products and buy new products is infinite. The planet’s resources aren’t. But it’s okay because we can have both: new products and a better environment. Nylon waste, otherwise polluting the Earth, is transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon. It’s exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again. That means you can create new products and buy new products without having to use new resources

What makes Econyl a sustainable alternative to conventional nylon?

This type of fabric has an infinite life: nylon is recycled, recreated and remodulated, and once its life is over in the way we've given it, the cycle can be started again and again. It is an infinite cycle. Thus, we don’t have to produce any type of new resource, we don’t harm the environment and we contribute to recycling pieces that we thought they could not have a longer useful life.In addition, this type of fabric can be molded to your liking and the pieces you’ll have will be completely new, since in the recycling process the thread of the fabric is rewoven from zero.

 Econyl: the best sustainable swimwear fabric

In our case, we have also discovered that it is the best material for swimwear, since it is totally elastic, and even if it is a recycled material, it does not lose this property. Thanks to this, we have a swimwear collection adaptable to more than 5 sizes, with colors that are very in trend and shapes that will not leave you indifferent.

Affordable, Ethical & Sustainable Swimwear sets

As an ethical clothing brand, we always do our best to find the most sustainable alternative for making our products and to reduce our fashion carbon footprint.
From two-part bikinis to one-piece swimsuits or pieces designed specifically for surfing, we have created an eco-conscious, trendy and all-sizes fitted collection (always on demand, of course! We're still working to be as sustainable as possible, so that's why we produce every piece and size on demand).

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