LIMA comes from the union of two words, Lila, meaning fun, and Mantra, meaning spiritual sound, both in Sanskrit language. The ying and the yang, the balance between body and mind, good and bad.

But what does really mean to work in and work out? For us is the perfect balance in a lifetime: Work in our souls, our mindset, our values, to be healthy from the inside so you can be healthy from the outside.

And work out our corps, be healthy in an active lifestyle, taking care of our bodies. Mixing both we think we can reach the perfect balance. For that, on our brand we don’t have just a sports orientated line, but also a daily clothing line, with natural and eco friendly materials, helping also our skin being healthy and well-treated.

In LIMA Apparel we reflect the mindset of two Mediterranean women, eager to change the world with a clear premise: Create a brand that you can be proud to stand behind.

We work from our souls developing a project based on natural and recycled materials; thought, designed and created ethically in the island of Bali, such a magical place. We encourage working out and shaking our bodies to have a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

We not only want to contribute to making a clothing brand that cares about the environment and promotes the slow fashion movement, but we also want to give value to a well done job, to an ethical and fair job. So we are clear that we want to work with small local workshops from Bali, where we make sure that the work will be well paid and the workers and us will be able to create a good work environment. Also, as we did not have enough to want to help local workers and trade, we decided to help those who need it most, making small donations in Bali based NGOs and foundations that will be available soon on our website. Stay tuned for more info about it.