A comprehensive Guide to Ethical Design Process by Lima Apparel

LIMA is recognized for its timeless and high-quality apparel designs, and a key factor in its success is the design process. We'll go over the three steps of Lima Apparel's design process, along with the exact components that go into each step, in this blog post.

Ethical made bamboo clothing

1. Designing process, Phase 1

In this stage, Lima Apparel develops Spec Techs, flat sketch designs of the sample. These designs provide full specifications on the item, such as precise lengths and widths, placement of the seams and stitching, and information about the accessories. Additionally, they include a thorough explanation of the item, the type of cut, the fabric used, and a color chart with a Pantone TPG or TPX reference number. In this phase, the sample size is also explicitly described.

2. Sampling process, Phase 2

Lima Apparel begins the sample procedure after the Spec Techs have been given the go-ahead. Samples of each design are made throughout this phase, and the cost per unit can vary from $60 to $350 depending on the complexity and amount of fabric used in the finished item. Depending on the preferred colors and fabrics, anywhere from 5 to 12 samples may be required. Customer is responsible for covering shipping fees.

3. Production process, Phase 3

The production procedure starts when the samples have been accepted. With a 400 USD fee for 50 units and a 200 USD surcharge for 100 units, Lima Apparel offers production from 50 MQO to 5,000 units. After 400 units, a 5% discount is offered. Production typically takes 1.5 months.

For our wholesale customers...

Our ready designs are just the beginning; by adding your own colors and materials, you may develop a unique product from scratch!

The best thing, though? You are not required to place an immediate significant order. Sample units are offered without a minimum order quantity for three times the cost of production. This entails that you can physically touch and see the merchandise before placing a larger order.

The customizing options are unlimited with 35 styles and 15 different material variations. Would you like to add a custom label? For a cost of $150 USD for 300 units, we can also carry it out.

Our bulk choices start with a minimum order quantity of 100 units per order, with a lead time of 8 weeks depending on the factory's workload. If you're ready to place a larger order, these options are available. We also provide a minimum of 20 units per style if you require flexibility in that regard.

If you are not sure where to begin or in need of some guidance, Txell and Anna, our co-founders, provide marketing and fashion consulting services. Txell can assist you in developing a product that genuinely stands out because she has over six years of expertise in the fashion sector. Meanwhile Anna, who has more than ten years of marketing and sales experience, can assist you in successfully selling your product.

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We are here to make your dream come true!

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