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FIRST COLLECTION COLORS – Why we decided to use these ones?

There are so many colors and shades to choose in this world. So why did we choose exactly these palette for our first LIMA collection? We have to say that we don’t only choose them because they are seasonal colors, but also relied heavily on LIMA's personal style and what we want to convey with each piece, color or pattern.

As you can see in our first collection, there’s plenty of pastel colors and soft colors. That’s because we wanted to share our most pure side, our light and strength.

As a designer, I have to say that there is a lot of influence with the seasonal colors that are chosen by color professionals every year, but we choose them very purposefully for the new collection, they represent a lot for us, they can describe our collection without words, and if that happens, our passionate work means a lot more.

So, let’s see what does each color represent and why we choose them.

WHITE – The pureness, the light, the leitmotiv in all summer seasons. White is the most flattering color, mostly on tanned skins, but perfect for every type of them. We used white for the linen and bamboo basic collection, for the workout tops and also for the sweatshirts. It combines with EVERY color and with ANY style. The perfect match for everyone :)

BLUE – The ocean, our most beloved color, our inspiration in every piece. Ocean, sea, water… means a lot for us. It fits in every skin as it is one of the most flattering saturations in the world color palette. Ocean means freedom, means peace, means healing. We wanted blue to be part of our first collection, just because it is one of the most meaningful ones. It takes us to our childhood summers in Costa Brava, it takes us to the most beautiful places in the world. What do you think about blue? Is it true that brings peace, calm and freedom?


PINK - The color ‘shocking pink’, indeed, does not leave anyone indifferent. One of the greatest touches of life for every wardrobe that, like other shades, such as electric blue, suits all skin tones, from the whitest to the darkest. We love pink. We think it’s one of the greatest expressions of personality, it fits in with happy days, with the most innocent and colourful minds. With the pattern that we give in the pink pieces, a seashell, it is the perfect color and outfit for the fresh days and  for the most open minded people. Would you choose it for your daily clothing?

BLACK – The glamour, the classy perfect “must have” that everyone have in their wardrobe. Black is the sobriety, but also the strength. As it is the most combinable color (with white), we thought we needed it in our pieces. We choose to combine black with a very meaningful pattern: palm trees. And that brings us to the most amazing nights in Indonesia. Black is the perfect match for a daily clothing, for a perfect night out, for your workout practices, and mostly for everything that comes to our minds. So, why wouldn’t we have it in our collections? You will find black in linen basics, bamboo basics and workout pieces. We looooove black <3

EARTHY COLORS - The land we step on, the land we stand on is brown, with all its shades. It is true that it has touches of green, but this terrestrial or earthly endorsement of brown makes it one of the most interesting and powerful ones. We cannot forget that everything arises from Mother Earth. We choose an earthy line for our linen basics collection as it means we are still connected with the earth. Also it describes a little what we want to share with LIMA: protect, respect and be part of our planet. This is one of our missions in LIMA. We want to be respectful with the environment by choosing carefully our work methods and procedures, by choosing carefully our materials, our ethics and being as Eco responsible and sustainable as possible. Earthy colors represent all of these things too.