There are many ideas that inspire us. From nature, to our childhoods, LIMA has come together as a brand with many inputs. And as happens with things that are born from many inputs, our brand also has many outputs.

That’s why, in today's post we wanna get into athleisure, a fashion trend that has redife the industry while showing how sportswear can be worn way beyond physical activities, teaching us that sometimes one piece of fashion can, indeed have many outputs. 

But again, what does athleisure means? Well, the term comes from combining the word “athletic” with the word “leisure”, and it was first coined in the late 70’s specially referring to sport shoes being worn on a daily basis, fundamentally in bigger cities where walking was a part of the usual routine. So esceally what it refears is to work out clothes being used in daily life. 


And why did it start happening? According to some fashion historians, athleisure is the combination of three trends that have been happening for a long time. First, is the new improvements on fabrics, that have made it possible for garments to be more flexible and durable. Second, the need to feel and look healthy, that means exercising and subtextually implies wearing more outfit workout. And as a third trend, comes the blur of the line that separates formal and casual. 

So all these trends have made sportswear be more present in our daily life, and in the last few years we have seen a continuous tendency to mix this kind of fashion pieces with more formal ones, creating a new revolution in fashion that is here to stay. 


And us, at LIMA, wanted to add a fourth trend to this list. One that hopefully will take athleisure to the next level, the level in which we love to be: a more ethically and sustainable kind of fashion. 


So if you want to jump in on the athleisure trend, but at the same time you want a brand that threads the earth and it’s providers ethically, check out our workout collection, and take it to a more street look mixing it with some of the pieces on our linen line.