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Cotton is one of the most used fibers in the world. Its millenarian history can be traced to the years 5500 BC,  so its relationship to humanity is a long as you can imagine. However, that relationship has not always been a happy one, and recently, as a consequence of fast fashion and high demand, cotton cropping has led to deforestation and exploitation.


So when we decided that we wanted to use cotton in our collections, we made sure that it came from sustainable and responsible sources, so it reflected the qualities and ethical ideas that we wanted in LIMA.

 That’s why all the cotton in our sports pieces is 100% organic and is only mixed with 5% of spandex to keep the environmental impact to a minimun. At the same time, we make sure that our suppliers provide ethical working conditions, so we help improve the lives of the people that grow and harvest cotton. Also, by being 100% organic, we ensure that workers are not exposed to inhalation or contact with toxic products.


The result is a quality product that provides comfort, softness, flexibility to move, and breathiness while being environmentally sustainable, ethical, and conscious. And that’s the mix that we love here in LIMA.