As well as being slow fashion promoters we provide ethical clothing manufacturing services from Bali, Indonesia.

This means that we can tailor clothes for you on request, using sustainable and fair trade materials from Indonesia.

Now you can buy directly from Bali online and receive it anywhere in the world!!. It is amazing, right?

Are you looking for starting your own ethical clothing brand in Bali? We can help you with that!

Our designer and tailoring team are based in the island for many years and have all the network you might need to start it. No need to go on sustainable fabrics sourcing, we have already done that job. Many clients from Australia and New Zealand rely on us for launching their environmentally-friendly customised collections. We can provide tailoring services if you:

* Are looking to sell our clothes in your store
* Are interested in launching a small clothing batch for your brandWant to start your own clothing brand in Bali, from any part of the globe
* Want to join the slow fashion movement by manufacturing your own ethical clothing capsule collection
* Are an independent designer and want to create ethical, sustainable, and small batch clothing

Wholesale clothing manufacturing Step by Step
– How does it work? 

  • Arrange a consultation by contacting us at You can also access to our standard contact form in here GO TO CONTACT FORM. 
  • Spec patterns preparation: Spec sheets and sketches of future designs to provide you the most accurate idea of how your clothes will look like.
  • Sampling: High quality finished products for you to check the result. If they don’t fullfil your expectations do not to worry! We will make as much adjustments as needed to offer you the best unique pieces.
  • Ethical production: Then is time for the magic to come and our marvellous local tailoring team will make your dreamed clothing. They will put all their love in every piece and always work and following quality employment and fair wages.

    5. Labeling and packaging: We can also provide assistance on labeling and packaging design under request.

     6. Shipping: We don´t believe in physical boundaries within slow fashion advocates. Therefore, we can arrange deliveries and ship your designs to you all around the world.We have special shipping prices for clients based in Australia, New Zeland and Indonesia.**Please, note we can only make orders with a minimum of 100 pieces.

    Where are our clients from?

    We have a wide variety of clients from Australia, New Zealand, US and Spain. Become a changemaker with us and partner on spreading the slow fashion movement! 

Become a changemaker with us and partner on spreading the slow fashion movement! 


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